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            ABOUT US

            Jiangsu fine work automobile parts co. LTD

            Jiangsu Fine Work Automobile Parts Co.,LTD is a high-techcompany thatspecializes in R&D, manufacturing and sales of automobile air conditioner parts. With powerful experience of technology and manufacturing, and modern equipment of automatic production and testing, we haveability to connect thedesignedbasic data of automobile air conditioner pipelines to the main engine plants.

            With annual production capacity of 3.5 million units of auto air conditioning parts, the company serves for many world-famous enterprises such as saic group, chang 'an group, sinotruk, saichongyan, dongfengxiaokang, beiqifoton, brilliance jinbei, faw-volkswagen and so on.And with a stable quality, superior performance of the product supply system, the company has been trusted by users.

            The company improved the quality management and quality assurance system on the basis of ISO/TS16949 quality management systemand won the user’s approval and trust.
            Upholding the Jinsheng Core Value of “Quality, Teamwork, Efficiency, Customer-focused”, following theManaging Ideaof“Harmonious,Upward, Human-oriented,Sustainable“, andtheLearning Spiritof Learning, Innovation, Practicality,Dedication”, We try to give the opportunity to these who want to do, and create the platfrom to these who can do well, and make thewell-done people be respected,  and realize win-win between the company and employees.

            Developing company will strive to become a pioneer in Chinese automotive industry with more professional standards and more vigorous posture.

            The development course

            Major customers

            The organization

            Core values