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            Jiangsu Fine Work Automobile Parts Co. LTD is specialized in the production of automobile air conditioner piping, whichwas established in 2006 on the basis of the predecessor of Jiangsu Jinsheng Automobile Air conditioning Pipe fittings Co., Ltd (founded in 2001),subordinate to Jiangsu Jinsheng Industrial Co., LTD.

            The company is located in Jinsheng group -- jinhong textile park, huacheng development zone, jintan district, changzhoucity , the hometown of hualuogeng, with a registered capital of 2 million us dollars.

            The company has acquired ISO/TS16949:2002 quality management system certification in 2007, and acquiredIATF16949-2016 system certification in 2018.

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            Research and development ability

            Develop products according to APQP (4th edition) requirements; Several senior research and development personnel to ensure process stability, product reliability; Supporting laboratory and special research and development test equipment; The sample making team comprehensively improves the sample quality and efficiency. Achieve strategic cooperation with equipment manufacturers to greatly improve the efficiency of special equipment development.